Pure Law Solicitors
The Property Finance Specialists

“We have worked with Pure Law for many years and have found their expertise to be invaluable in moving transactions toward a successful conclusion. They are able to apply their in-depth knowledge consistently across both customer, broker and lender perspectives, which is a valuable skill in the complex specialist market.”

Karen Bennett
Financewell Limited

Shawbrook Bank

Pure Law was founded by specialists in finance and mortgages and have a proven track record of working for a number of large nationwide lenders and banks.

“We provide an innovative approach to the delivery of legal work in the areas of lender services, finance, mortgages and property.”

Our background and extensive experience within the finance, property, and mortgage industry has allowed a more streamlined, flexible and innovative approach. We recognise the importance of speed but not at the expense of quality - the overall proposition delivers a comprehensive, flexible and rapid end to end process, maximising efficiency.

Clarity drives service and professionalism. Our systems, staff and processes are geared toward this key value, allowing a free flow of clearly defined information to our diverse customer base and maintaining integrity at all levels.